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Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms

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A fully illustrated reference book giving an easy-to-understand introduction to compliant mechanisms

A broad compilation of compliant mechanisms to give inspiration and guidance to those interested in using compliant mechanisms in their designs, the Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms includes graphics and descriptions of many compliant mechanisms. It comprises an extensive categorization of devices that can be used to help readers identify compliant mechanisms related to their application. It also provides chapters on the basic background in compliant mechanisms, the categories of compliant mechanisms, and an example of how the Compendium can be used to facilitate compliant mechanism design.

  • Fully illustrated throughout to be easily understood and accessible at introductory levels
  • Covers all aspects pertaining to classification, elements, mechanisms and applications of compliant mechanisms
  • Summarizes a vast body of knowledge in easily understood diagrams and explanations
  • Helps readers appreciate the advantages that compliant mechanisms have to offer
  • Practical approach is ideal for potential practitioners who would like to realize designs with compliant mechanisms, members and elements
  • Breadth of topics covered also makes the book a useful reference for more advanced readers

Intended as an introduction to the area, the Handbook avoids technical jargon to assist non engineers involved in product design, inventors and engineers in finding clever solutions to problems of design and function.

Keywords: performance; compliant mechanisms; example; advantages; precision; lower; manufacture; cost; possible; nano; devices; mechanical; traditional; compared; new; device; difficult; designers; work; handbook, General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Special Topics, General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Special Topics

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