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Future-Proof Web Design

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Best practices for flexible design that meet common challenges

The web is constantly changing and evolving with an increased range of devices, browsers, and standards that need to be considered in design. Web designers know they must stay sharp in order to keep up with the rapid pace of technology change. This much-needed book teaches the art of flexible and adaptable design that can work easily with new devices, technologies, and standards. You'll quickly discover how this resource stands out from the crowd as it provides you with a roadmap for ensuring that your designs are stable and flexible enough to handle whatever technology changes are coming in the future.

  • Takes you on a journey of discovery as you learn how to prepare yourself for undefined changes in the dynamic environment of web design
  • Shares straightforward tips for adopting a forward-thinking approach to the subject of web evolution
  • Uncovers the essential skills you need in order to survive the future of the web

Using the fundamental skills and processes laid out in this roadmap, you'll be able to boost your stability and flexibility while coding with confidence.

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