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Depression For Dummies

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Thegoodnewson beating the blues

Do you want the good, the bad, or the best news first? OK, the bad news is thatan estimated264+ million peopleworldwidesuffer froma depressive illness.The good news is that we know how to defeat these illnesses better than ever before using a growing range of highly effective psychotherapies, medications, and other therapeutic methods that are improving all the time. And the best news: because of these advances, the majority ofpeopleno longerneed to sufferthe debilitating—and sometimes dangerous—effects of long-term depressive illness.

The new edition ofDepressionForDummiesshows how you can make this happen for you by providingthe latest and bestinformationon how tobanishthe noonday demon andbringthesunshine back into yourworld.Inthisfriendly, cheerful,no-nonsense guide, leading clinical psychologists Laura L. Smith and Charles H. Elliotgive you the straight talk onwhatyou faceandproven,practical advice onhowtopunch backandwin.Showingyouhowtoknow your enemy, theydemystify common types of depression,explainits physical effects, andhelpidentifythe kind you have.Armed in this way, youcantakefirmersteps towardthelifestyle changes—as wellas therapyor medication—that will put you back in control.

  • Learn aboutdifferent forms of depression
  • Build simple, daily habits into your life thathelp banish the blues
  • Understandconventional, alternative, and experimental therapies
  • Moveon:avoid relapses and stay happy!

Whatever your level of depression—occasional bouts orlong-term—this book gives you the insight, the tools, and theinner strength and persistence to putenjoyment back in your life.


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