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The Student's Companion to Social Policy

Alcock, Pete - The Student's Companion to Social Policy, ebook


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The new edition of the bestsellingguide totheissuesstudentswillencounter inthestudy of social policy inboththe UK andabroad

Fully updated and expanded, the sixth edition ofThe Student’s Companion to Social Policyremains the most accessible and comprehensive review of UK and comparative social policyavailable for undergraduate students. Writtenand editedby leading experts in the field, this authoritative textbook covers all the perspectives, debates, issues and challenges inboththe theory and practice of social policy.

The latest edition reflects the most recent developmentsinthediscipline and in socialpolicy-making.New and revised chapters examine critical topics such as the policy agenda of the UK government elected in 2019 and theimplications of globalization, climate change, Brexitand the COVID-19 pandemic.Awealth ofnew and revisedillustrative material, including additionalproblem-centred review andassignment questions,enhancestudents’learningand comprehension whilstencouragingthem to reflect onand reconsider the issues raisedineachsocial policy discussion.Atimely, issue-drivenoverviewfor students to drawuponthroughout their studies, this acclaimed textbook:

  • Provides theanalyticalfoundation necessaryto investigate and evaluatethe key concepts andperspectivescentral to the study of social policy
  • Presentsup-to-date coverage ofpolicy formation and outcomes, national and internationaldebates and thechallenges and choices facing societies
  • Features new and revisedcoverage ofkeyissues includinginternational and comparativedevelopments,austerity and post-austerity policies in the UKand devolved administrations,public attitudes to welfare and sustainability challenges
  • Offers a range of pedagogical tools such asboxed 5-point summaryoverviews, “EmergingIssues”sections,guidestofurtherresourcesandchapter review questions

The Student’s Companion to Social Policy, Sixth Editionisessential reading for all thoseonSocial Policycourses,whether specialising in the subject or studying it as part of another programmeacross the social sciencesat undergraduate or postgraduate level.


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