Rogers, Michael G.

Do You Care to Lead?: A 5-Part Formula for Creating Loyal and Results-Focused Teams and Organizations

Rogers, Michael G. - Do You Care to Lead?: A 5-Part Formula for Creating Loyal and Results-Focused Teams and Organizations, ebook


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Create loyal, engaged and results focused teams and organizations using a practical five-part servant leadership formula.

Think of a world where people go to work completely engaged, are inspired to do more than they ever thought possible, remain 100% loyal to the teams and organizations they belong to, are achieving mind-blowing results, and gladly and even passionately follow their leader’s direction. Is that a world you want to be a part of? The reality is you really can! However, it’s not the world most people and leaders currently live in.

When employees were asked in a Gallup poll whether their supervisor or anyone else at work cared about them, only 4 out of 10 strongly agreed with that statement. That is a startling number. We have a lot of work to do. Old leadership practices don’t work anymore.

In his work with hundreds of leaders and teams, Michael Rogers has created a practical approach to leadership that works. It is the Care to Lead Leader™. Care to Lead Leaders are different than most leaders. Most leaders talk of caring with their lips but are far from actually leading with their hearts.

Care to Lead Leaders lead from their heart. They understand that leading from the heart wins the hearts of those they lead, which makes leading more purposeful and a lot easier.

Through Michael’s five-part SONIC leadership formula, you will become a Care to Lead Leader. You will discover:

  • One simple Care to Lead Leader practice that can literally revolutionize the culture of your teams and/or organizations.
  • How to build real trust on your teams and/or organizations and explode creativity and the volume of ideas.
  • How to have more courage and second guess yourself less.
  • Practical tips on skyrocketing individual performance.
  • The secret to creating the most loyal followers on the planet!
  • How to take your teams and/or organizations to unprecedent levels of achievement and results.

In this book, Michael illustrates his ideas and concepts through introspective questions and inspiring stories that keep you engaged and have you regularly looking at your own leadership and asking; Am I the kind of leader people really want to follow?

After reading this book, you’ll have the tools to apply practical servant leadership approaches that create buy-in into bigger visions, improve loyalty and engagement and move your teams and organizations to unprecedented levels of action.


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