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Transfusion Medicine

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Explore this concise and clinically focused approach to the field of blood banking and transfusion therapy

TheFifth Edition ofTransfusion Medicinedeliversa succinct, thorough, clinically focused, practicaland authoritative treatment of a full range of topics in transfusion therapy.Thisranges fromissues with the blood supply,recruitmentof both whole blood and apheresis donors,blood collection and storage, blood testing,blood safety,andtransmissible diseases.This edition has been fully updated and revised to include exciting cellular therapies for cancer,transplantation of both hematopoietic cells and solid organs, infectiousdiseasesand regenerative medicine.

TheFifthEditionincludes newauthors with highly relevant content that provides a solid grounding for readers in the field. The book:

  • Is an approachable comprehensive guide to the field of blood banking and transfusionmedicine
  • Provides complete andtimely perspectiveoncrucialtopics, including the HLA system in transfusion medicine and transplantation and quality programs in blood banking and transfusion medicine
  • Isextensively referenced, making it simple for readers to conduct further research on the topics of interest to them
  • Includes new chapterson pediatric transfusion medicineand pathogenreduction
  • Has an expended chapter on patientblood management
  • Provides extensive discussions of the clinical use of blood transfusion in a wide variety of clinical situations including recentdevelopmentInthe management of acute traumatic blood loss
  • Provides updatedinformation about blood groups and molecular testing making inroads into clinical practice along withdiscussionsoflaboratory detection of blood groups and provision of redcells

Perfect forall thoseworking in the field of blood banking,transfusionmedicineand hematology or oncologyandfellowsin pathology, hematology,surgeryand anesthesiology.Transfusion Medicineis a good introduction fortechnologists specializing in blood bankingand non-medical personnel working in areas related to hematology and transfusion medicine.Transfusion Medicinewill also earn a place in the libraries of practicing pathologists with responsibilityforbloodbanks.


Blood supply; blood transfusion; blood transfusion medicine; blood donor assessment; blood collection; blood preparation; blood storage; blood components; blood plasma derivatives; blood management; apheresis; blood donation; blood groups 

, Hematology, Blood Transfusion, Hematology, Blood Transfusion
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