Kolasinski, Kurt W.

Surface Science: Foundations of Catalysis and Nanoscience

Kolasinski, Kurt W. - Surface Science: Foundations of Catalysis and Nanoscience, ebook


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An updated fourth edition of the text that provides an understanding of chemical transformations and the formation of structures at surfaces

The revised and enhanced fourth edition of Surface Science covers all the essential techniques and phenomena that are relevant to the field. The text elucidates the structural, dynamical, thermodynamic and kinetic principles concentrating on gas/solid and liquid/solid interfaces. These principles allow for an understanding of how and why chemical transformations occur at surfaces. The author (a noted expert on in the field) combines the required chemistry, physics and mathematics to create a text that is accessible and comprehensive.

The fourth edition incorporates new end-of-chapter exercises, the solutions to which are available on-line to demonstrate how problem solving that is relevant to surface science should be performed. Each chapter begins with simple principles and builds to more advanced ones. The advanced topics provide material beyond the introductory level and highlight some frontier areas of study. This updated new edition:

  • Contains an expanded treatment of STM and AFM as well as super-resolution microscopy
  • Reviews advances in the theoretical basis of catalysis and the use of activity descriptors for rational catalyst design
  • Extends the discussion of two-dimensional solids to reflect remarkable advances in their growth and characterization
  • Delves deeper into the surface science of electrochemistry and charge transfer reactions
  • Updates the “Frontiers and Challenges” sections at the end of each chapter as well as the list of references

Written for students, researchers and professionals, the fourth edition of Surface Science offers a revitalized text that contains the tools and a set of principles for understanding the field.


Guide to surface science; understanding surface science; catalysis and nanoscience; techniques of surface science; surface chemistry; surface physics; surface dynamics; growth and epitaxy; electrochemistry and surface science; interfacial materials chemistry; nanostructure formation; laser-surface interactions; surface photochemistry; heterogeneous catalysis

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