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Practical Power Plant Engineering: A Guide for Early Career Engineers

Bedalov, Zark - Practical Power Plant Engineering: A Guide for Early Career Engineers, ebook


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Practical Power Plant Engineering offers engineers, new to the profession, a guide to the methods of practical design, equipment selection and operation of power and heavy industrial plants as practiced by experienced engineers. The author—a noted expert on the topic—draws on decades of practical experience working in a number of industries with ever-changing technologies. This comprehensive book, written in 26 chapters, covers the electrical activities from plant design, development to commissioning. It is filled with descriptive examples, brief equipment data sheets, relay protection, engineering calculations, illustrations, and common-sense engineering approaches.

The book explores the most relevant topics and reviews the industry standards and established engineering practices. For example, the author leads the reader through the application of MV switchgear, MV controllers, MCCs and distribution lines in building plant power distribution systems, including calculations of interrupting duty for breakers and contactors. The text also contains useful information on the various types of concentrated and photovoltaic solar plants as well as wind farms with DFIG turbines. This important book:

• Explains why and how to select the proper ratings for electrical equipment for specific applications

• Includes information on the critical requirements for designing power systems to meet the performance requirements

• Presents tests of the electrical equipment that prove it is built to the required standards and will meet plant-specific operating requirements

Written for both professional engineers early in their career and experienced engineers, Practical Power Plant Engineering is a must-have resource that offers the information needed to apply the concepts of power plant engineering in the real world.


Guide to power plant engineering; understanding power plant engineering; planning power plant; designing a power plant; application of electrical engineering power plant; MV switchgear; LV switchgear; standards for engineering power plants

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