Helszajn, Joseph

Microwave Polarizers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Circulators, and Switches

Helszajn, Joseph - Microwave Polarizers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Circulators, and Switches, ebook


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Discusses the fundamental principles of the design and development of microwave satellite switches utilized in military, commercial, space, and terrestrial communication

This book deals with important RF/microwave components such as switches and phase shifters, which are relevant to many RF/microwave applications. It provides the reader with fundamental principles of the operation of some basic ferrite control devices and explains their system uses. This in-depth exploration begins by reviewing traditional nonreciprocal components, such as circulators, and then proceeds to discuss the most recent advances.

This sequential approach connects theoretical and scientific characteristics of the devices listed in the title with practical understanding and implementation in the real world. Microwave Polarizers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Circulators and Switches covers the full scope of the subject matter and serves as both an educational text and resource for practitioners. Among the many topics discussed are microwave switching, circular polarization, planar wye and equilateral triangle resonators, and many others.

  • Translates concepts and ideas fundamental to scientific knowledge into a more visual description
  • Describes a wide array of devices including waveguides, shifters, and circulators
  • Covers the use of finite element algorithms in design

Microwave Polarizers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Circulators and Switches is an ideal reference for all practitioners and graduate students involved in this niche field.


microwaves; microwave active devices; microwave circuits; microwave components; microwave systems; microwave antennas; microwave engineering; Ferrite phase shifter; passive microwave circuits; beam shaping; steering of array antennas; multichannel switching; microwave switches; phase shifters; switching using junction circulators; non-reciprocal microwave faraday rotation devices; reciprocal quarter-wave; non-reciprocal ferrite quarter-wave plates; edge mode phase shifters; planar gyromagnetic resonators; gyromagnetic devices; On/Off E-plane waveguide turnstile gyromagnetic switch; Off/On 2-port H-plane waveguide switches; On/Off and Off/On planar switches; turnstile junction circulator: H-plane turnstile waveguide circulator; E-plane waveguide wye junction; ferrite switches; H-plane Tee junction circulator; Microwave Polarizers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Switches and Circulators 

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