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Electromechanical Motion Devices: Rotating Magnetic Field-Based Analysis with Online Animations

Krause, Paul - Electromechanical Motion Devices: Rotating Magnetic Field-Based Analysis with Online Animations, ebook


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The updated third edition of the classic book that provides an introduction to electric machines and their emerging applications

The thoroughly revised and updated third edition of Electromechanical Motion Devices contains an introduction to modern electromechanical devices and offers an understanding of the uses of electric machines in emerging applications such as in hybrid and electric vehicles. The authors—noted experts on the topic—put the focus on modern electric drive applications. The book includes basic theory, illustrative examples, and contains helpful practice problems designed to enhance comprehension.

The text offers information on Tesla's rotating magnetic field, which is the foundation of reference frame theory and explores in detail the reference frame theory. The authors also review permanent-magnet ac, synchronous, and induction machines. In each chapter, the material is arranged so that if steady-state operation is the main concern, the reference frame derivation can be de-emphasized and focus placed on the steady state equations that are similar in form for all machines. This important new edition:

• Features an expanded section on Power Electronics

• Covers Tesla's rotating magnetic field

• Contains information on the emerging applications of electric machines, and especially, modern electric drive applications

• Includes onlineanimations and a solutions manual for instructors

Written for electrical engineering students and engineers working in the utility or automotive industry, Electromechanical Motion Devices offers an invaluable book for students and professionals interested in modern machine theory and applications.


Guide to Electromechanical Motion Devices; understanding electromechanical motion devices; applications of electric machines smart grid; power system and electromechanical devices; theory of electromechanical motion devices; rotating magnetic field

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