Abbasov, Iftikhar B.

Exploration and Monitoring of the Continental Shelf Underwater Environment

Abbasov, Iftikhar B. - Exploration and Monitoring of the Continental Shelf Underwater Environment, ebook


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There is still so much about the oceans that scientists do not know, and exploring the continental shelves of the world is a huge part of finding out more about these underwater environments. Further to that, it is extremely important that, while scientists and engineers explore and monitor the continental shelf, no damage is done to these precious environments. That is the needle that this study intends to thread, giving scientists and engineers a better method and processes for exploring these underwater mysteries, while protecting the environment and wildlife thriving beneath.

Written by a proven scientist in this area, this book is dedicated to the unique developments of hydroacoustical equipment to monitor the coastal shelf. The results of the original experimental sonar studies with application of the parametric antenna are presented. The book presents a survey of the modern methods and technical monitoring facilities of the coastal aqueous environment. The basic characteristics of the parametric antennas are given considering propagation of the acoustic waves in the environments with dispersion and acoustical absorption. The author and his colleagues consider the questions of formation of the parametric antenna field in layered-heterogeneous media and the peculiarities of sounding of the interfaces and bottom sediments. Ecological monitoring methods of the basic parameters of quality and condition of the aqueous environment are analyzed. The peculiarities of diagnostics of the underwater engineering constructions when monitoring the offshore strips are described.

For both veteran engineers and students in the field alike, this breakthrough study is a must-have for any scientific library concerned with studying the oceans and especially the continental shelf.

Keywords: equipment; developments; environment; sea coastal; hydroacoustical; shelf; unique; groundbreaking; methods; modern; survey; study; underwater; offshore; diagnostics; engineering; oceans; scientists; environments; huge; part; world, Environmental Physics, Antennas & Propagation, Environmental Physics, Antennas & Propagation

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