Mazzoni, Omar S.

Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

Mazzoni, Omar S. - Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants, ebook


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Covers all aspects of electrical systems for nuclear power plants written by an authority in the field

Based on author Omar Mazzoni's notes for a graduate level course he taught in Electrical Engineering, this book discusses all aspects of electrical systems for nuclear power plants, making reference to IEEE nuclear standards and regulatory documents. It covers such important topics as the requirements for equipment qualification, acceptance testing, periodic surveillance, and operational issues. It also provides excellent guidance for students in understanding the basis of nuclear plant electrical systems, the industry standards that are applicable, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's rules for designing and operating nuclear plants.

Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants offers in-depth chapters covering: elements of a power system; special regulations and requirements; unique requirements of a Class 1E power system; nuclear plants containment electrical penetration assemblies; on-site emergency AC sources; on-site emergency DC sources; protective relaying; interface of the nuclear plant with the grid; station blackout (SBO) issues and regulations; review of electric power calculations; equipment aging and decommissioning; and electrical and control systems inspections. This valuable resource:

  • Evaluates industry standards and their relationship to federal regulations
  • Discusses Class 1E equipment, emergency generation, the single failure criterion, plant life, and plant inspection
  • Includes exercise problems for each chapter

Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants is an ideal text for instructors and students in electrical power courses, as well as for engineers active in operating nuclear power plants.

Keywords: nuclear power plants; nuclear power plant electrical systems; electrical systems; electric power systems; nuclear electric power operation systems; infrastructure systems for nuclear energy; nuclear generating stations; modifying nuclear generating stations; nuclear power plant inspection; nuclear power plant evaluation; electrical systems for nuclear reactors; guide to power plant electrical systems; nuclear electricity; smart grid interoperability of energy technology; information technology operation with the electric power system; IEEE308; IEEE317; IEEE379; IEEE382; IEEE387; IEEE420; IEEE450; IEEE485; IEEE666; IEEE690; IEEE765; EEE741; IEEE946, Nuclear Energy, Power Electronics, Nuclear Energy, Power Electronics

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