Kenny, Anthony

An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy, 20th Anniversary Edition

Kenny, Anthony - An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy, 20th Anniversary Edition, ebook


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In 1998, the first edition of Anthony Kenny's comprehensive history of Western philosophy was published, to be met with immediate praise and critical acclaim. As the first book since Bertrand Russell's 1945A History of Western Philosophyto offer a concise single-author review of the complete history of philosophy from the pre-Socratics to the modern masters of the 20thcentury, Kenny's work fills a critical gap in the modern philosophy reading list and offers valuable guidance for the general reader of philosophy—an ideal starting point for anyone with an interest in great thinkers and the family lines of philosophical evolution.

Widely considered to be one of the most thorough and accessible historical reviews in philosophy,An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophyhas earned an estimable and distinctive reputation, both for the compelling writing style of Anthony Kenny, one of the most respected and accomplished living philosophers, and for the rich collection of paintings, illustrations, maps, and photos included with every chapter to complement this review of 2,500 years of philosophical thought.

Newly revised and expanded for a special 20thanniversary publication, the latest edition ofAn Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophycontains all of Kenny's original writings on the history of Western philosophy from ancient to modern, along with new writings on the philosophy of the mid-20thcentury, covering important contributions from continental philosophers and philosophers of the post-Wittgenstein anglophone tradition, including the work of many women who have too often been neglected by the historical record.

Keywords: guide to history of western philosophy; understanding the history of western philosophy; famous philosophers; ancient philosophers; modern philosophers; illustrated history of western philosophy; history of western philosophy; western philosophy; continental philosophy in the early twentieth century; Wittgenstein; Henri Bergson; Eduard Husserl; Martin Heidegger; Jean Paul Sartre; Simone de Beauvoir; Tractatus logico-philosophicus; logical positivism; recent continental philosophy; the Frankfurt School; Jacques Derrida; Jurgen Habermas; analytical philosophy; Socrates; Plato; Aristotle; Jesus; Augustine; Aquinas; Machiavelli; Descartes; Hobbes; Spinoza; Berkeley; Rousseau; Kant; Hegel; Marx; Mill; Nietzsche; Darwin; Freud; Frege; Wittgenstein; von Wright; E Ansecombe; Quine; Davidson; Geach; Strawson; Philippa Foot; American metaphysics; the Cartesian revival; analytical ethics; Rawls; Western thought; anglophone philosophy, Historical Western Philosophy, History Special Topics, Historical Western Philosophy, History Special Topics

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