Pandikumar, Alagarsamy

Rational Design of Solar Cells for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion

Pandikumar, Alagarsamy - Rational Design of Solar Cells for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion, ebook


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An interdisciplinary guide to the newest solar cell technology for efficient renewable energy

Rational Design of Solar Cells for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion explores the development of the most recent solar technology and materials used to manufacture solar cells in order to achieve higher solar energy conversion efficiency. The text offers an interdisciplinary approach and combines information on dye-sensitized solar cells, organic solar cells, polymer solar cells, perovskite solar cells, and quantum dot solar cells.

The text contains contributions from noted experts in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials science, and engineering.The authors review the development of components such as photoanodes, sensitizers, electrolytes, and photocathodes for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells. In addition, the text puts the focus on the design of material assemblies to achieve higher solar energy conversion. This important resource:

  • Offers a comprehensive review of recent developments in solar cell technology
  • Includes information on a variety of solar cell materials and devices, focusing on dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Contains a thorough approach beginning with the fundamental material characterization and concluding with real-world device application.
  • Presents content from researchers in multiple fields of study such as physicists, engineers, and material scientists

Written for researchers, scientists, and engineers in university and industry laboratories, Rational Design of Solar Cells for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion offers a comprehensive review of the newest developments and applications of solar cells with contributions from a range of experts in various disciplines.


Guide to solar energy conversion; text on design of solar energy conversion; text on solar energy conversion; resource for understanding solar energy conversion and design; Rational design of light harvesting assemblies; Progress on highly efficient and low cost dye sensitized solar cells; Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Plasmonic nanoparticles in dye-sensitized solar cells; Co-Sensitization Strategies for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Advantage of Polymer Electrolytes towards Dye-Sensitized Solar cells; A new insights on carbon based nanostructured counter electrode materials for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Platinum free counter electrode, Highly stable and efficient inverted organic solar cells based on novel interfacial layers; Fabrication of metal top electrode via solution based printing technique for efficient inverted organic solar cells; Biophotovoltaics; Quantum dot solar cells; Large area perovskite solar cells

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