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The Hard Hat for Kids: A Story About 10 Ways to Be a Great Teammate

Gordon, Jon - The Hard Hat for Kids: A Story About 10 Ways to Be a Great Teammate, ebook

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An inspiring story with lessons on teamwork—written for kids, but valuable to everyone

Adapted from Jon Gordon’s bestseller The Hard Hat, The Hard Hat for Kids is an inspiring story that teaches children how to be a great teammate. An engaging tale that resonates with all children, the 10 Ways to be a Great Teammate and the “We before Me” philosophy, make this book an enjoyable read and an invaluable teaching tool for coaches, teachers, and parents. The Hard Hat for Kids presents practical insights and life-changing lessons that are immediately applicable to everyday situations, giving kids—and adults—a new outlook on cooperation, friendship, and the selfless nature of true teamwork.

Mickey is a spunky talented basketball lover who has always dreamed about playing on her school’s team. On the first day of practice, she learns of a special award given to the best teammate—and soon discovers that there is a big difference between being the best player and being the best teammate. What follows is an unforgettable story about selflessness, loyalty, hard work, and compassion, and a clear lesson on putting the team first.

Author Jon Gordon is a renowned storyteller with a knack for making life lessons stick. For this book he has teamed up with Dr. Lauren Gallagher, a school psychologist and mental skills coach who shares her passion for bringing valuable lessons to children in a way that is fun and educational. Fittingly, Dr. Gallagher is also the wife of Jon’s college lacrosse teammate at Cornell University where the Hard Hat tradition began. This book continues Jon’s unique way of merging everyday wisdom with practical advice to make you better at everything that you do. The Hard Hat for Kids tells a moving story of teamwork and friendship which is sure to be enjoyed by families, sports teams, and classrooms of children everywhere. 

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