Logothetis, Michael D.

Efficient Multirate Teletraffic Loss Models Beyond Erlang

Logothetis, Michael D. - Efficient Multirate Teletraffic Loss Models Beyond Erlang, ebook


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A comprehensive study in efficient multi-rate teletraffic loss models used for designing, performance analysis, and optimization of systems and networks

Efficient Multirate Teletraffic Loss Models Beyond Erlangis an easy-to-read book filled with numerous efficient teletraffic loss models. Presented in three sections—Teletraffic Models of Random Input, Teletraffic Models of Quasi-Random Input, and Teletraffic Models of Batched Poisson Input—it covers everything that a professional experienced with optimization and dimensioning of telecom networks could ever need to know.

This unique book provides a detailed explanation on how efficient multirate teletraffic loss models are extracted and applied, and guides readers through almost all network technologies and services. Starting from the basics, it steadily increases in difficulty to keep the book self-contained and to provide a better understanding to those who might be new to the subject. It includes detailed explanations of the complex teletraffic models—many of which were developed by the authors. Tutorial examples, several backed by supplementary software, are accompanied by intermediate results and figures. Additionally, end-of-chapter applications describe the applicability of the models to modern network technologies, updating the incorporated teletraffic models of commercial packages/tools.

  • Uses the classic EMLM (Erlang Multirate Loss Model) as its base to present a comprehensive range of teletraffic models through detailed explanation and numerical examples
  • Filled with the authors’ own original teletraffic models—making for a wholly unique learning experience
  • Offers a clear, self-contained presentation with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Starts with simple models, then moves to more complex models, before finishing with complicated ones
  • Supplemented by an accompanying website with computer implementation of the most important models

Directed primarily at telecommunication engineers,Efficient Multirate Teletraffic Loss Models Beyond Erlangis also useful for telecom operators or managers on the higher and average levels, as well a Ph.D. students, researchers, and modelers.

Keywords: teletraffic; guide to teletraffic loss models; telecommunications; loss models; wireless communications; wireless networks; teletraffic applications; teletraffic theory; teletraffic engineering; computer communication technology; computer programming; complex teletraffic models; teletraffic models; network performance; network performance of a transmission link; network dimensioning; traffic management; traffic engineering theory; traffic engineering theory applications; telecommunication network planning; A. K. Erlang; circuit-switched networks; packet-switched networks; guide to teletraffic; efficient multirate teletraffic loss models; teletraffic loss models; teletraffic theory, Optical Communications, Engineering Statistics, Optical Communications, Engineering Statistics

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