Agarwal, Ravi P.

Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics

Agarwal, Ravi P. - Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics, ebook


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An authoritative text that presents the current problems, theories, and applications of mathematical analysis research

Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics offers the theories, methods, and applications of a variety of targeted topics including: operator theory, approximation theory, fixed point theory, stability theory, minimization problems, many-body wave scattering problems, Basel problem, Corona problem, inequalities, generalized normed spaces, variations of functions and sequences, analytic generalizations of the Catalan, Fuss, and Fuss–Catalan Numbers, asymptotically developable functions, convex functions, Gaussian processes, image analysis, and spectral analysis and spectral synthesis. The authors—a noted team of international researchers in the field— highlight the basic developments for each topic presented and explore the most recent advances made in their area of study. The text is presented in such a way that enables the reader to follow subsequent studies in a burgeoning field of research.

This important text:

  • Presents a wide-range of important topics having current research importance and interdisciplinary applications such as game theory, image processing, creation of materials with a desired refraction coefficient, etc.
  • Contains chapters written by a group of esteemed researchers in mathematical analysis Includes problems and research questions in order to enhance understanding of the information provided
  • Offers references that help readers advance to further study

Written for researchers, graduate students, educators, and practitioners with an interest in mathematical analysis, Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics includes the most recent research from a range of mathematical fields.


Spaces of Asymptotically Developable Functions and Applications; Duality for Gaussian Processes from Random Signed Measures; Many-body Wave Scattering Problems for Small Scatterers and Creating Materials with a Desired Refraction Coefficient; Generalized Convex Functions and their Applications; Some Properties and Generalizations of the Catalan, Fuss, and Fuss–Catalan Numbers; Trace Inequalities of Jensen Type for Selfadjoint Operators in Hilbert Spaces: A Survey of Recent Results; Spectral Synthesis and its Applications; Various Ulam - Hyers Stabilities of Euler-Lagrange-Jensen General (a, b; k = a + b) - Sextic Functional Equations; A Note on the Split Common Fixed-Point Problem and its Variant Forms; Stabilities and Instabilities of Rational Functional Equations and Euler-Lagrange-Jensen (a, b) - Sextic Functional Equations

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