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Comprehensive coverage of the whole Earth system throughout its entire existence and beyond

Complete with a new introduction by the authors, this updated edition helps provide an understanding of the past, present, and future processes that occur on and in our Earth—the fascinating, yet potentially lethal, set of atmospheric, surface, and internal processes that interact to produce our living environment. It introduces students to our planet’s four key interdependent systems: the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, focusing on their key components, the interactions between them, and environmental change. The book also uses geological case studies throughout, in addition to the modern processes.

Topics covered in the Second Edition of Earth Environments: Past, Present and Future include: an Earth systems model; components systems and processes; atmospheric systems; oceanography; surface and internal geological systems; biogeography; and aspects of Earth's record. The book also discusses the impact of climate and environmental change in a final chapter that draws together Earth's systems and their evolution, and looks ahead to potential future changes in Earth’s environments.

  • Updated to include all the major developments since 2008
  • Features research boxes containing summaries based on recent key journal articles
  • Includes a companion web site containing multiple choice revision quizzes for students, PowerPoint slides for lecturers, useful links, and more
  • Presents further reading for each topic so that students can build their knowledge base to underpin their own undergraduate research project/dissertation
  • Offers additional case studies in each chapter for enhanced reader understanding

Earth Environments: Past, Present and Future is an excellent text for undergraduates in geosciences, environmental science, physical geography, natural hazards, and ecology.


environmental sciences; the environment; geography; geosciences; environmental science; the living environment; earth processes; atmosphere; lithosphere; ecology; hydrosphere; biosphere; physical geography; natural hazards; atmospheric systems; oceanography; surface and internal geological systems; biogeography; guide to Earth environments; Earth environments; climate change effects; environment change; changes in Earth environment; Earth Environments: Past, Present and Future, Second Edition

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