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Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction

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A comprehensive yet accessible introduction to theconceptualtoolsused to explore real-world environmental problems

Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction, Third Editiondemonstrates how theoretical approachessuch as environmental ethics, political economy,andsocial constructionwork asconceptualtools toidentify andclarifycontemporary environmentalissues.Assuming no background knowledge in the subject, thisreader-friendlytextbook uses clear language and engaging examplestofirstdescribenine keyconceptual tools, and thenapplythem to a variety of familiar objects—frombottled water and Frenchfriestotrees,wolves,and carbon dioxide.Throughout the text,highly accessiblechapters provide insight intothe relationship between the environment and present-day society.

Divided intotwo parts, thetextbegins by explainingmajortheoreticalapproachesforinterpreting the environment-society relationshipanddiscussingdifferent perspectives about environmental problems. Part II examines a series of objects, each viewed througha sample ofthetheoreticaltoolsfrom Part I, helping readers think critically aboutcritical environmentaltopics such as deforestation,climate change, the global water supply,andhazardouse-waste.Thisfully revised third edition stresses a wider range of competing ways of thinking about environmental issuesand features additionalcases studies, up-to-dateconceptual understandings, andnew chapters in PartIonracializdenvironmentsand feminist approaches.Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction, Third Edition:

  • Coverstheoretical lensessuch ascommodities, environmental ethics,andrisks and hazards,and applies them totouchstone environment-societyobjects likewolves, tuna,trees, and carbon dioxide
  • Usesaconversational narrative to explainkey historicalevents,topical issues and policies,andscientific concepts
  • Featuressubstantial revisions and updates, including new chapters on feminismand race,andimproved maps and illustrations
  • Includes a wealth of in-book and online resources, including exercisesandboxed discussions,chapter summaries, review questions, references, suggested readings,an online test bank, and internet links
  • Providesadditionalinstructorsupport such assuggested teaching models,full-colorPowerPoint slides, and supplementary teaching material

Retaining theinnovative approachof its predecessors,Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction, Third Editionremains the ideal textbook for courses inenvironmental issues, environmental science,andnatureandsociety theory.


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