Azad, Saiful

IPTV Delivery Networks: Next Generation Architectures for Live and Video-on-Demand Services

Azad, Saiful - IPTV Delivery Networks: Next Generation Architectures for Live and Video-on-Demand Services, ebook


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A guide to the current technologies related to the delivery process for both live and on-demand services within IPTV delivery networks

IPTV Delivery Networks is an important resource thatoffers an in-depth discussion to the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) delivery networks for both live and on demand IPTV services.This important book also includes a review of the issues and challenges surrounding the delivery of IPTV over various emerging networking and communications technologies.

The authors — an international team of experts — introduce a framework for delivery network applicable for live and video-on-demand services. They review the fundamental issues of IPTV delivery networks and explore the QoS (Quality of Service) issue for IPTV delivery networks that highlights the questions of security and anomaly detection as related to quality. IPTV Delivery Networks also contains a discussion of the mobility issues and next-generation delivery networks. This guide captures the latest available and usable technologies in the field and:

  • Explores the technologies related to delivery process for both live (real time) and on demand services in highly accessible terms
  • Includes information on the history, current state and future of IPTV delivery
  • Reviews all the aspects of delivery networks including storage management, resource allocation, broadcasting, video compression, QoS and QoE
  • Contains information on current applications including Netflix (video on demand), BBC iPlayer (time-shifted IPTV) and live (real time) streaming

Written for both researchers and industrial experts in the field of IPTV delivery networks. IPTV Delivery Networks is a groundbreaking book that includes the most current information available on live and on demand IPTV services.


Fundamentals of Internet Protocol Television IPTV delivery networks; delivering TV services over IP networks; Internet Protocol Television; Evolution of TV towards IPTV; IPTV services; IPTV standardization; General Architecture of IPTV; IPTV Delivery Networks; IPTV delivery networks characteristics and challenges; Key issues of IPTV delivery networks; IPTV experimental setup; IPTV database construction; IPTV training test set-partitioning; IPTV classification performance measures; IPTV efficient delivery over NG-TDM-PON; broadband access network technologies; Live IPTV delivery over EPON; Pre-request broadcasting mechanism; IPTV performance evaluation; content awareness in IPTV delivery networks; zapping delay reduction in IPTV systems; techniques based on scalable video coding

, Audio & Speech Processing & Broadcasting, Communication & Media Studies Special Topics, Audio & Speech Processing & Broadcasting, Communication & Media Studies Special Topics
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