Erol-Kantarci, Melike

Transportation and Power Grid in Smart Cities: Communication Networks and Services

Erol-Kantarci, Melike - Transportation and Power Grid in Smart Cities: Communication Networks and Services, ebook


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With the increasing worldwide trend in population migration into urban centers, we are beginning to see the emergence of the kinds of mega-cities which were once the stuff of science fiction. It is clear to most urban planners and developers that accommodating the needs of the tens of millions of inhabitants of those megalopolises in an orderly and uninterrupted manner will require the seamless integration of and real-time monitoring and response services for public utilities and transportation systems. Part speculative look into the future of the world’s urban centers, part technical blueprint, this visionary book helps lay the groundwork for the communication networks and services on which tomorrow’s “smart cities” will run.

Written by a uniquely well-qualified author team, this book provides detailed insights into the technical requirements for the wireless sensor and actuator networks required to make smart cities a reality.


smart cities; sustainable cities; smart power grids; smart transportation systems; internet-of-things and smart cities; smart grid networking; smart grid data management; planning smart cities; urban planning for smart cities; intelligent transportation systems; infrastructure design; smart infrastructure design; smart and green infrastructure design; smart, sustainable infrastructure design and planning; energy harvesting in smart cities; cognitive radio in smart cities; LTE-D2D communication for smart power distribution grids; 5G and cellular networks in the smart grid; machine-to-machine communication in the smart city; communication networks for smart cities; software defined networking for smart grids; virtualization for smart grids; wireless sensor networks in smart cities

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