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High Performance Technical Textiles

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An authentic resource for thefundamentals, applied techniques, applicationsand recent advancements of all the main areas of technical textiles

Created to be a comprehensive reference,High Performance Technical Textilesincludes the review of a wide range of technical textiles from household to space textiles. The contributors—noted experts in the field from all the continents—offer in-depth coverage on the fibre materials, manufacturing processes and techniques, applications, current developments, sustainability and future trends.

The contributors include discussions on synthetic versus natural fibres, various textile manufacturing techniques, textile composites and finishing approaches that are involved in the manufacturing of textiles for a specific high performance application. Whilst the book provides the basic knowledge required for an understanding of technical textiles, it can serve as a springboard for inspiring new inventions in hi-tech fibres and textiles. This important book:

  • Contains a unique approach that offers a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing and applications of technical textiles
  • Includes a general overview to the fundamentals, current techniques, end use applications as well as the most recent advancements
  • Explores the current standards in the industry and the ongoing research in the field
  • Offers a comprehensive and single source reference on the topic

Written for academics, researchers and professionals working in textile and related industries,High Performance Technical Textilesoffers a systematic, structured, logical and updated source of information for understanding technical textiles.

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