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Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications

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Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications offers a review of the most current research as well as the basic concepts, key ideas and powerful tools of energy harvesting wireless communications. Energy harvesting is both renewable and cheap and has the potential for many applications in future wireless communication systems to power transceivers by utilizing environmental energy such as solar, thermal, wind, and kinetic energy.

The authors—noted experts in the field—explore the power allocation for point-to-point energy harvesting channels, power allocation for multi-node energy harvesting channels, and cross-layer design for energy harvesting links. In addition, they offer an in-depth examination of energy harvesting network optimization and cover topics such as energy harvesting ad hoc networks, cost aware design for energy harvesting assisted cellular networks, and energy harvesting in next generation cellular networks.


Guide to Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications; Understanding energy harvesting wireless communications; text to energy harvesting wireless communications; resource to energy harvesting wireless communications; point to point energy harvesting channels; Gaussian channel with EH transmitter; non-causal ESIT; outage probability with EH transmitter; limited battery storage; imperfect circuits of wireless communication; power allocation with EH receiver; power consumption model for wireless receiver; power allocation for wireless communications; system model for wireless communications; optimal offline scheme wireless communications; optimal solution for the delay constrained case; transmission threshold optimization; cross-layer design for energy harvesting links; completion time and delay minimization in wireless communications; renewable energy powered cellular networks

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