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Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering

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A problem-solving approach to statistical signal processing for practicing engineers, technicians, and graduate students

This book takes a pragmatic approach in solving a set of common problems engineers and technicians encounter when processing signals. In writing it, the author drew on his vast theoretical and practical experience in the field to provide a quick-solution manual for technicians and engineers, offering field-tested solutions to most problems engineers can encounter. At the same time, the book delineates the basic concepts and applied mathematics underlying each solution so that readers can go deeper into the theory to gain a better idea of the solution’s limitations and potential pitfalls, and thus tailor the best solution for the specific engineering application.

Uniquely, Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering can also function as a textbook for engineering graduates and post-graduates. Dr. Spagnolini, who has had a quarter of a century of experience teaching graduate-level courses in digital and statistical signal processing methods, provides a detailed axiomatic presentation of the conceptual and mathematical foundations of statistical signal processing that will challenge students’ analytical skills and motivate them to develop new applications on their own, or better understand the motivation underlining the existing solutions.

Throughout the book, some real-world examples demonstrate how powerful a tool statistical signal processing is in practice across a wide range of applications.

  • Takes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating basic concepts and tools for statistical signal processing
  • Informed by its author’s vast experience as both a practitioner and teacher
  • Offers a hands-on approach to solving problems in statistical signal processing
  • Covers a broad range of applications, including communication systems, machine learning, wavefield and array processing, remote sensing, image filtering and distributed computations
  • Features numerous real-world examples from a wide range of applications showing the mathematical concepts involved in practice
  • Includes MATLAB code of many of the experiments in the book

Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering is an indispensable working resource for electrical engineers, especially those working in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. It is also an ideal text for engineering students at large, applied mathematics post-graduates and advanced undergraduates in electrical engineering, applied statistics, and pure mathematics, studying statistical signal processing.

Keywords: Engineering Statistics, Engineering Statistics,

signal processing; digital signal processing; statistical signal processing; statistical signal processing techniques; statistical signal processing algorithms; theory of improper signals; theory of noncircular signals; statistical signal processing basic concepts; statistical signal processing fundamentals; statistical signal processing with matlab; statistical signal processing applications; statistical signal processing machine learning; distributed computations for statistical signal processing; distributed signal processing; linear algebraic systems for statistical signal processing; random variables in statistical signal processing; estimation theory in statistical signal processing; parameter estimation for statistical signal processing; monte carlo simulations for statistical signal processing; bayesian estimation for statistical signal processing; spectral analysis in statistical signal processing

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