Cunningham, Scott W.

Actor and Strategy Models: Practical Applications and Step-wise Approaches

Cunningham, Scott W. - Actor and Strategy Models: Practical Applications and Step-wise Approaches, ebook


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A practical how-to guide for more effective planningthrough multi-actor modelling

Careful planning is the cornerstone of a successful initiative, and any plan, policy, or business strategy can only be successful if it has the support of different actors. These actors may beactively pursuing their own agendas, so the plan must not only offer an optimal solution to theproblem, but must also fit the needs and abilities of the actors involved. Actor and Strategy Models: Practical Applications and Step-wise Approaches provides a primer on multi-actormodelling, based on the fundamental premise that actor strategies are explained by investigatingwhat actors can do, think, and want to achieve.

Covering a variety of models with detailed background and case examples, this book focuses on practical application. Step-by-step instructions for each approach provide immediately actionable insight, while a general framework for actor and strategy modelling allows the reader to tailor any approach as needed to optimize results in terms of situation-specific planning. Oriented toward real-world strategy, this helpful resource:

• Provides models that shed light on the multi-actor dimensions of planning, using a variety of analytical approaches

• Includes literature, theoretical underpinnings, and applications for each method covered

• Clarifies the similarities, differences, and suitable applications between various actor modelling approaches

• Provides a step-wise framework for actor and strategy modelling

• Offers guidance for the identification, structuring, and measuring of values and perceptions

• Examines the challenges involved in analyzing actors and strategies

Even before planning begins, an endeavor’s success depends upon a clear understanding of the various actors involved in the planning and implementation stages. From game theory and argumentative analysis, through social network analysis, cognitive mapping, and beyond,Actor and Strategy Models provides valuable insight for more effective planning.

Leon M. Hermans is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management at Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on the use of actor analysis methods to support public policy analysis and evaluation.

Scott W. Cunningham is an associate professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management at Delft University of Technology. He combines work in actor modelling and game theory with research in data mining, technology forecasting, and innovation.

Keywords: Public Policy & Administration, Management Science / Operations Research, Public Policy & Administration, Management Science/Operational Research,

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