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Professional Hadoop

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The professional's one-stop guide to this open-source, Java-based big data framework

Professional Hadoop is the complete reference and resource for experienced developers looking to employ Apache Hadoop in real-world settings. Written by an expert team of certified Hadoop developers, committers, and Summit speakers, this book details every key aspect of Hadoop technology to enable optimal processing of large data sets. Designed expressly for the professional developer, this book skips over the basics of database development to get you acquainted with the framework's processes and capabilities right away. The discussion covers each key Hadoop component individually, culminating in a sample application that brings all of the pieces together to illustrate the cooperation and interplay that make Hadoop a major big data solution. Coverage includes everything from storage and security to computing and user experience, with expert guidance on integrating other software and more.

Hadoop is quickly reaching significant market usage, and more and more developers are being called upon to develop big data solutions using the Hadoop framework. This book covers the process from beginning to end, providing a crash course for professionals needing to learn and apply Hadoop quickly.

  • Configure storage, UE, and in-memory computing
  • Integrate Hadoop with other programs including Kafka and Storm
  • Master the fundamentals of Apache Big Top and Ignite
  • Build robust data security with expert tips and advice

Hadoop's popularity is largely due to its accessibility. Open-source and written in Java, the framework offers almost no barrier to entry for experienced database developers already familiar with the skills and requirements real-world programming entails. Professional Hadoop gives you the practical information and framework-specific skills you need quickly.

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