Guo, Mingruo

Whey Protein Production, Chemistry, Functionality, and Applications

Guo, Mingruo - Whey Protein Production, Chemistry, Functionality, and Applications, ebook


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An up-to-date overview of the dynamic field of whey protein utilization

Whey Protein Production, Chemistry, Functionality and Applications explores the science and technology behind the rapidly increasing popularity of this most versatile of dairy by-products. With its richly nutritious qualities, whey protein has been widely used in the food industry for many years. The last decade has, however, seen manufacturers develop many innovative and exciting new applications for it, both in food and other areas.

Taking account of these advances, this insightful work offers a full explanation of the technological and chemical breakthroughs that have made whey protein more in-demand than ever before. Topics covered include manufacturing technologies, thermal and chemical modifications, non-food uses, denaturation and interactions, and more. In its broad scope, the book encompasses:

  • An up-to-date overview of recent developments and new applications
  • Breakdowns of the chemical, nutritional, and functional properties of whey protein
  • Commentary on the current and future outlooks of the whey protein market
  • Examinations of the methods and manufacturing technologies that enable whey protein recovery
  • A full guide to the numerous applications of whey protein in food production and other industries

Whey Protein Production, Chemistry, Functionality and Applications is an unparalleled source of information on this highly adaptable and much sought-after commodity, and is essential reading for food and dairy scientists, researchers and graduate students, and professionals working in the food formulation and dairy processing industries.


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