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Creating Strategic Value through Financial Technology

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Lessons in innovation from key FinTech trends and successes

Creating Strategic Value through Financial Technology explores the growing Financial Technology (FinTech) industry to provide insight on how traditional financial institutions and FinTech companies can boost innovation and enhance valuation in a complex regulatory environment. In plumbing the depth and breadth of several niches within in the FinTech sector, author Jay Wilson uncovers key themes that have contributed to the industry's success; in this book, he maps them together to provide useful guideposts for investors, entrepreneurs, and traditional institutions looking to facilitate growth as technology and financial services collide. With an expert's perspective on FinTech history and outlook, certain trends and examples of value-enhancing strategies stand out. FinTech niches covered include: payments, crowdfunding, alternative/marketplace lending, the blockchain, and technology solutions in the context of banking, insurance, and investment companies.

There is no denying the growing importance of technology in the financial services industry, and the FinTech sector offers valuable solutions for a diverse array of financial services providers and their customers. This book guides you through several niches of the FinTech sector, and highlights the most important takeaways from recent endeavors.

  • Navigate the financial technology sector
  • Enhance customer and product offerings
  • Improve efficiency and cost structure
  • Enhance profitability and company valuation from the intersection of technology and finance

Innovation and customer preference is a key driver of FinTech's growth. Customers are demanding better value and convenience, and the organizations that provide it are reaping the rewards of growth. As financial regulations grow more and more complex, and customers are presented with more and more options, it is becoming imperative for traditional institutions to modernize processes and carve out a place in the future of financial services. Creating Strategic Value through Financial Technology provides a handbook for navigating that space, with practical guidance on how FinTech companies and traditional financial institutions can enhance profitability and valuation from the trends.

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