Slack, Jonathan M. W.

The Science of Stem Cells

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Introduces all of the essential cell biology and developmental biology background for the study of stem cells

This book gives you all the important information you need to become a stem cell scientist. It covers the characterization of cells, genetic techniques for modifying cells and organisms, tissue culture technology, transplantation immunology, properties of pluripotent and tissue specific stem cells and, in particular, the relevant aspects of mammalian developmental biology. It dispels many misconceptions about stem cells—especially that they can be miracle cells that can cure all ills. The book puts emphasis on stem cell behavior in its biological context and on how to study it. Throughout, the approach is simple, direct, and logical, and evidence is given to support conclusions.

Stem cell biology has huge potential for advancing therapies for many distressing and recalcitrant diseases, and its potential will be realized most quickly when as many people as possible have a good grounding in the science of stem cells.

  • Content focused on the basic science underpinning stem cell biology
  • Covers techniques of studying cell properties and cell lineage in vivo and in vitro
  • Explains the basics of embryonic development and cell differentiation, as well as the essential cell biology processes of signaling, gene expression, and cell division
  • Includes instructor resources such as further reading and figures for downloading
  • Offers an online supplement summarizing current clinical applications of stem cells

Written by a prominent leader in the field,The Science of Stem Cellsis an ideal course book for advanced undergraduates or graduate students studying stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and other topics of science and biology.

Keywords: stem cells; stem cell biology; biology; cell biology; stem cell research; embryonic development; cell differentiation; cell signaling; gene expression; cell division; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering; science; genetics; genetic research; cell properties; cell lineage in vivo; cell lineage in vitro; developmental biology; mesenchymal stem cells; pluripotent cells; stem cell truths; stem cell myths; pluripotent stem cell; genetic modification; cell differentiation; organogenesis; mutagenesis; in vivo stem cell; in vitro clonogenic cell; medicine, Cell Biology (Medical), Developmental Biology, Cell Biology (Medical), Developmental Biology

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