Law, Cheung Kwok

Renminbi Rising: A New Global Monetary System Emerges

Law, Cheung Kwok - Renminbi Rising: A New Global Monetary System Emerges, ebook


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Critical analysis of RMB internationalization and the coming global currency shift

Renminbi Rising charts the emergence of China's internationalizing currency and provides an in-depth analysis of the global repercussions. Written by a team of renown economics researchers, this book describes the pressures that enabled the emergence of a new global monetary system and why China's Renminbi (RMB) became the default 'second in line' as the U.S. receded from leadership. Policy makers and regulators will appreciate the examination of the motivations behind those driving the shift, and financial professionals will find valuable guidance in the discussion surrounding business opportunities that the RMB brings to the table. Coverage includes the emergence of new Chinese-sponsored financial institutions, the scale of various RMB businesses and the coming transformation of the global financial system.

Effective management of international monetary affairs has never been more fundamental to the global economic recovery. The rapid emergence of China's RMB is a transformative event of global significance, and this book provides the context you need to understand the depth and breadth of changes on the horizon.

  • Understand why a new global monetary system is needed
  • Consider the outcomes as China emerges and the U.S. recedes
  • Learn the context and motivations behind principal players' strategies
  • Discover the scale of opportunities presented by the rise of the RMB

It is essential for finance professionals and economic policy makers to understand the drivers, progress and likely trajectory of the RMB internationalization and to fully grasp the implications for the global financial system, international business and supporting financial products and services. Renminbi Rising offers detailed analysis of the key opportunities and threats inherent in this major economic shift.

Keywords: Renminbi Rising: A New Global Monetary System Emerges; William H. Overholt; Guonan Ma; Cheung Kwok Law; RMB; RMB internationalization; global currency; global economics; RMB emergence; RMB era; RMB drivers; Chinese finance; global financial system; currency shift; global finance; RMB risks; RMS opportunities; RMB analysis; Chinese economics; global currency outlook; global economic recovery; RMB leadership; Chinese currency; RMB as principal currency

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