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Global Flood Hazard: Applications in Modeling, Mapping, and Forecasting

Apel, Heiko - Global Flood Hazard: Applications in Modeling, Mapping, and Forecasting, ebook


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Global Flood Hazard

Subject Category Winner, PROSE Awards 2019, Earth Science

Selected from more than 500 entries, demonstrating exceptional scholarship and making a significant contribution to the field of study.

PROSE Award Finalist 2019
Association of American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence

Flooding is a costly natural disaster in terms of damage to land, property and infrastructure. This volume describes the latest tools and technologies for modeling, mapping, and predicting large-scale flood risk. It also presents readers with a range of remote sensing data sets successfully used for predicting and mapping floods at different scales. These resources can enable policymakers, public planners, and developers to plan for, and respond to, flooding with greater accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Describes the latest large-scale modeling approaches, including hydrological models, 2-D flood inundation models, and global flood forecasting models
  • Showcases new tools and technologies such as Aqueduct, a new web-based tool used for global assessment and projection of future flood risk under climate change scenarios
  • Features case studies describing best-practice uses of modeling techniques, tools, and technologies

Global Flood Hazard is an indispensable resource for researchers, consultants, practitioners, and policy makers dealing with flood risk, flood disaster response, flood management, and flood mitigation.

Keywords: flood hazard; flood hazard modeling; flood hazard remote sensing data; flood hazard mapping; flood predictive modeling; large scale flood hazard; large-scale flood hazard assessment; large-scale flood hazard predictive modeling; geosciences; geosciences books; global flood hazard; global flood hazard risk assessment; global flood hazard modeling; flood control; flooding; flooding risk assessment; flooding risk modeling; flooding risk mapping; predicting flood hazard; predicting large-scale flood hazard risk; flood hazard risk assessment tools; large-scale flood hazard risk assessment technologies; global flood hazard risk data sets; hydrological modeling of large-scale flood hazard; 2-D flood inundation models of large-scale flood hazard risk; global flood forecasting models; GLOFAS model, Environmental Change, Emergency / Disaster Management (ghost code - use SM10), Environmental Change, Emergency Management

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