Azim, Rubayet E.

Chipless Radio Frequency Identification Reader Signal Processing

Azim, Rubayet E. - Chipless Radio Frequency Identification Reader Signal Processing, ebook


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Presents a comprehensive overview and analysis of the recent developments in signal processing for Chipless Radio Frequency Identification Systems

This book presents the recent research results on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and provides smart signal processing methods for detection, signal integrity, multiple-access and localization, tracking, and collision avoidance in Chipless RFID systems. The book is divided into two sections: The first section discusses techniques for detection and denoising in Chipless RFID systems. These techniques include signal space representation, detection of frequency signatures using UWB impulse radio interrogation, time domain analysis, singularity expansion method for data extraction, and noise reduction and filtering techniques. The second section covers collision and error correction protocols, multi-tag identification through time-frequency analysis, FMCW radar based collision detection and multi-access for Chipless RFID tags as we as localization and tag tracking.

  • Describes the use of UWB impulse radio interrogation to remotely estimate the frequency signature of Chipless RFID tags using the backscatter principle
  • Reviews the collision problem in both chipped and Chipless RFID systems and summarizes the prevailing anti-collision algorithms to address the problem
  • Proposes state-of-the-art multi-access and signal integrity protocols to improve the efficacy of the system in multiple tag reading scenarios
  • Features an industry approach to the integration of various systems of the Chipless RFID reader-integration of physical layers, middleware, and enterprise software

Chipless Radio Frequency Identification Reader Signal Processing is primarily written for researchers in the field of RF sensors but can serve as supplementary reading for graduate students and professors in electrical engineering and wireless communications.

Keywords: Microwave Theory; Smart Cards; Embedded Systems; Chipless RFID; Wireless Communication Systems; Time Domain Analysis; Continuous Wave Swept Frequency Interrogation; UWB-IR Interrogation of Time Domain Reflectometry; Multi-Resonator Loaded Chipless Tag; Multi-Patch Based Chipless Tag; Singularity Expansion Method; Matrix Pencil Algorithm Based Filtering; Signal Space Representation; Selective Spectral Interrogation; Chipless RFID Anti-Collision Algorithm; Collision Detection; Block Coding; Time-Frequency Analysis; Fractional Fourier Transform; FMCW-Radar Based Multi-tag Identification; Chipless Tag Localization; Smart RFID Reader, Embedded Systems & Smart Cards, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems & Smart Cards, Signal Processing

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