Carlson, Robert C.

The New Rules of Retirement: Strategies for a Secure Future

Carlson, Robert C. - The New Rules of Retirement: Strategies for a Secure Future, ebook


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Create the retirement you desire with proven financial strategies

The New Rules of Retirement throws away the rules of thumb, clichés, and obsolete ideas. It provides a proven, updated approach to retiring successfully in today's world. In this new second edition based on independent, objective research, retirement expert Robert C. Carlson uses proven, profitable techniques to coordinate all the factors that lead to financial security and independence. You'll learn how much you really need to save for retirement, how to invest that nest egg before and during retirement, and how to establish a wise and sustainable spending strategy. Carlson will explain how to overcome the threats to lifetime financial security, such as longer life expectancy, low investment returns, higher taxes, and more. Importantly, you'll learn how to plan for the wildcards of retirement planning: health care and long-term care expenses. This edition covers changes in key areas such as annuities, IRA management, estate planning, and income taxes. You'll learn how to merge these insights into your plan to enhance financial security and to provide for loved ones in the future.

Retirement no longer means being put out to pasture. Today's retirees are traveling the world, attending classes, developing new skills, starting businesses, mastering neglected hobbies, and more—well into their golden years. This guide helps ensure you have the financial independence to pursue the retirement you want through smart planning and effective financial strategies.

  • Know and overcome the threats to retiree financial security
  • Learn the right way to estimate retirement spending
  • Develop a sustainable spending strategy
  • Invest your nest egg to make it last
  • Plan for potential long-term health care
  • Leave a legacy for loved ones

The retirement is now a new phase of life, not a winding down. It's a time to live your best life and do things you couldn't before. But all the financial aspects of retirement have changed. To maintain financial security and create the retirement you desire, you need to be on top of the changes. The New Rules of Retirement provides the latest, proven strategies that help put the shine in your golden years.

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