Gallicchio, Nicole

The Evolution of Meteorology: A Look into the Past, Present, and Future of Weather Forecasting

Gallicchio, Nicole - The Evolution of Meteorology: A Look into the Past, Present, and Future of Weather Forecasting, ebook


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The essential guide to the history, current trends, and the future of meteorology

This comprehensive review explores the evolution of the field of meteorology, from its infancy in 3000 bc, through the birth of fresh ideas and the naming of the field as a science, to the technology boom, to today. The Evolution of Meteorology reveals the full story of where meteorology was then to where it is now, where the field is heading, and what needs to be done to get the field to levels never before imagined. Authored by experts of the topic, this book includes information on forecasting technologies, organizations, governmental agencies, and world cooperative projects.

The authors explore the ancient history of the first attempts to understand and predict weather and examine the influence of the very early birth of television, computers, and technologies that are useful to meteorology. This modern-day examination of meteorology is filled with compelling research, statistics, future paths, ideas, and suggestions. This vital resource:

  • Examines current information on climate change and recent extreme weather events
  • Starts with the Ancient Babylonians and ends with the largest global agreement of any kind with the Paris Agreement
  • Includes current information on the most authoritative research in the field of meteorology
  • Contains data on climate change theories and understanding, as well as extreme weather statistics and histories

This enlightening text explores in full the history of the study of meteorology in order to bring awareness to the overall path and future prospects of meteorology.

Keywords: Guide to basics of meteorology; Inventions of Weather Instruments; Modern Meteorology; meteorology and computers; meteorology and satellites; meteorology and radar; meteorology and early television forecasting; development of weather radar; current weather technologies; advancements in weather forecasting; social media and weather forecasting; covering major storms; hurricane Katrina and Sandy; tornadoes; cyclones; hurricane Andrew; advanced warnings for tornado activity; floods; droughts; and wildfires; storm chasing; weather forecasting and computer models; ocean wave model; data assimilation system and weather forecasting; ensemble prediction system and weather forecasting; monthly and seasonal weather forecasting system; global forecasting weather forecasting system; The Evolution of Meteorology: A Look into the Past; Present and Future of Weather Forecasting; Kevin A. Teague; Nicole Gallicchio, Climatology & Paleoclimatology, Atmospheric Sciences, Climatology & Palaeoclimatology, Atmospheric Sciences

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