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Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes

Bowen, José Antonio - Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes, ebook


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Put Teaching Naked to work in your classroom with clear examples and step-by-step guidance

Teaching Naked Techniques (TNT) is a practical guide of proven quick ideas for improving classes and essential information for designing anything from one lesson or a group of lessons to an entire course. TNT is both a design guide and a 'sourcebook' of ideas: a great companion to the award-winning Teaching Naked book.

Teaching Naked Techniques helps higher education faculty design more effective and engaging classrooms. The book focuses on each step of class preparation from the entry point and first encounter with content to the classroom 'surprise.' There is a chapter on each step in the cycle with an abundance of discipline-specific examples, plus the latest research on cognition and technology, quick lists of ideas, and additional resources.

By rethinking the how, when, and why of technology, faculty are able to create exponentially more opportunities for practical student engagement. Student-centered, activity-driven, and proven again and again, these techniques can revolutionize your classroom.

  • Create more effective, engaging lessons for higher education
  • Utilize technology outside of the classroom to better engage during class time
  • Examine discipline-specific examples of Teaching Naked Techniques
  • Prepare for each class step by step from the student's perspective

Teaching Naked flips the classroom by placing the student's first contact with the material outside of class. This places the burden of learning on the learner, ensures student preparation, and frees up class time for active engagement with the material for more effective learning and retention. Teaching Naked Techniques is the practical guide for bringing better learning to your classroom.

Keywords: higher education; teaching college; college pedagogy; classroom technology; flipped classroom; hybrid classes; student engagement; student learning; student-centered teaching; Teaching Naked approach; Teaching Naked Cycle; class preparation; course design; classroom activities; college student engagement; learning encounters; student preparation; active learning; Teaching Naked rubrics; Teaching Naked tools; Teaching Naked resources; Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes; Jose A. Bowen; C. Edward Watson, Teaching & Learning (Higher Education)

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