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NAND Flash Memory Technologies

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Examines the history, basic structure, and processes of NAND flash memory

This book discusses basic and advanced NAND flash memory technologies, including the principle of NAND flash, memory cell technologies, multi-bits cell technologies, scaling challenges of memory cell, reliability, and 3-dimensional cell as the future technology. Chapter 1 describes the background and early history of NAND flash. The basic device structures and operations are described in Chapter 2. Next, the author discusses the memory cell technologies focused on scaling in Chapter 3, and introduces the advanced operations for multi-level cells in Chapter 4. The physical limitations for scaling are examined in Chapter 5, and Chapter 6 describes the reliability of NAND flash memory. Chapter 7 examines 3-dimensional (3D) NAND flash memory cells and discusses the pros and cons in structure, process, operations, scalability, and performance. In Chapter 8, challenges of 3D NAND flash memory are discussed. Finally, in Chapter 9, the author summarizes and describes the prospect of technologies and market for the future NAND flash memory.

  • Offers a comprehensive overview of NAND flash memories, with insights into NAND history, technology, challenges, evolutions, and perspectives
  • Describes new program disturb issues, data retention, power consumption, and possible solutions for the challenges of 3D NAND flash memory 
  • Written by an authority in NAND flash memory technology, with over 25 years’ experience

NAND Flash Memory Technologies is a reference for engineers, researchers, and designers who are engaged in the development of NAND flash memory or SSD (Solid State Disk) and flash memory systems.

Seiichi Aritome was a Senior Research Fellow at SK Hynix Inc. in Icheon, Korea from 2009 to 2014. He has contributed to NAND flash memory technologies for over 27 years in several companies and nations. Aritome was a Program director at Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. in Hsinchu, Taiwan, a Senior Process Reliability Engineer at Micron Technology Inc. in Idaho, USA, and a Chief Specialist at Toshiba Corporation in Kawasaki, Japan. He received his Ph.D. from Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University, Japan. Aritome is an IEEE Fellow and a member of the IEEE Electron Device Society.


Flash memory, NAND Flash, Non-volatile memory, Solid State Drive (Solid State Disk), 3D NAND flash ,

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