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Evidence-based Urology

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An updated and revised resource to evidence-based urology information and a guide for clinical practice

The revised and updated second edition of Evidence-Based Urology offers the most current information on the suitability of both medical and surgical treatment options for a broad spectrum of urological conditions based on the best evidence available. The text covers each of the main urologic areas in specific sections such as general urology, oncology, female urology, trauma/reconstruction, pediatric urology, etc. All the evidence presented is rated for quality using the respected GRADE framework. Throughout the text, the authors highlight the most patient-important, clinical questions likely to be encountered by urologists in day-to-day practice.

A key title in the “Evidence-Based” series, this revised and expanded edition of Evidence-Based Urology contains new chapters on a variety of topics including: quality improvement, seminoma, nonseminomatous germ cell tumor, penile cancer, medical prophylaxis, vesicoureteral reflux disease, cryptorchidism, prenatal hydronephrosis, and myelodysplasia. This updated resource:

  • Offers a guide that centers on 100% evidence approach to medical and surgical approaches
  • Provides practical recommendations for the care of individual patients
  • Includes nine new chapters on the most recently trending topics
  • Contains information for effective patient management regimes that are supported by evidence
  • Puts the focus on the most important patient and clinical questions that are commonly encountered in day-to-day practice

Written for urologists of all levels of practice, Evidence-Based Urology offers an invaluable treasure-trove of evidence-based information that is distilled into guidance for clinical practice.

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