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Sex Control in Aquaculture

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A comprehensive resource that covers all the aspects of sex control in aquaculture written by internationally-acclaimed scientists

Comprehensive in scope, Sex Control in Aquaculture first explains the concepts and rationale for sex control in aquaculture, which serves different purposes. The most important are: to produce monosex stocks to rear only the fastest-growing sex in some species, to prevent precocious or uncontrolled reproduction in other species and to aid in broodstock management. The application of sex ratio manipulation for population control and invasive species management is also included. Next, this book provides detailed and updated information on the underlying genetic, epigenetic, endocrine and environmental mechanisms responsible for the establishment of the sexes, and explains chromosome set manipulation techniques, hybridization and the latest gene knockout approaches. Furthermore, the book offers detailed protocols and key summarizing information on how sex control is practiced worldwide in 35 major aquaculture species or groups, including fish and crustaceans, and puts the focus on its application in the aquaculture industry.

With contributions from an international panel of leading scientists, Sex Control in Aquaculture will appeal to a large audience: aquaculture/fisheries professionals and students, scientists or biologists working with basic aspects of fish/shrimp biology, growth and reproductive endocrinology, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, and R&D managers and administrators. This text explores sex control technologies and monosex production of commercially-farmed fish and crustacean species that are highly in demand for aquaculture, to improve feed utilization efficiency, reduce energy consumption for reproduction and eliminate a series of problems caused by mixed sex rearing. Thus, this book:

  • Contains contributions from an international panel of leading scientists and professionals in the field
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of both established and new technologies to control sex ratios that are becoming more necessary to increase productivity in aquaculture
  • Includes detailed coverage of the most effective sex control techniques used in the world's most important commercially-farmed species

Sex Control in Aquaculture is the comprehensive resource for understanding the biological rationale, scientific principles and real-world practices in this exciting and expanding field.


Sex Control in Aquaculture: Concept to Practice; Large-scale mono-sex production;Sex control practices in fisheries; Population-based identification of sex determining mechanism; Targets of sex-determining factors and molecular network involved in sex differentiation; Environmental and consumer-friendly mono-sex production; Sex Determination and Differentiation in Fish; Sex determination in fish; From genetic sex determination to environmental sex determination in fish; Fish genetic sex determination;  When genetic and environmental sex determination blend; Sex differentiation as a threshold phenotype relying on fine regulations of a plastic regulatory gene network; A simplified classical fish sex differentiation cascade; Endocrine regulation of fish sex differentiation; Mechanisms for the emergence of new master sex-determining genes and gene regulatory networks

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