Ganiev, R. F.

Wave Technology in Mechanical Engineering: Industrial Applications of Wave and Oscillation Phenomena

Ganiev, R. F. - Wave Technology in Mechanical Engineering: Industrial Applications of Wave and Oscillation Phenomena, ebook


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This groundbreaking volume covers the significant advantages of wave technologies in the development of innovative machine building where high technologies with appreciable economic effect are applied. These technologies cover many industries, including the oil-and-gas industry, refining and other chemical processing, petrochemical industry, production of new materials, composite and nano-composites including, construction equipment, environmental protection, pharmacology, power generation, and many others.

The technological problem of grinding, fine-scale grinding and activation of solid particles (dry blends) is disclosed. This task is common for the production of new materials across these various industries. At present in this sphere the traditional methods have reached their limits and in some cases are economically ineffective from both scientific and practical points of view. The authors have detailed, through their extensive groundbreaking research, how these new methods, based on wave technology, can be used to create new, more efficient and less expensive applications and materials for industry.

From increasing oil recovery to building stronger machines more efficiently and creating more productive membrane separation devices, wave technology can be used as a fertile ground for product innovation and more efficient methods of production across a variety of industries. This book is the only one of its kind in the world and offers a unique and invaluable glance into this sophisticated and complicated scientific area that is only now being more fully utilized for its valuable benefits.

Keywords: industries; activation; wave; solid; introduction capabilities; dry; fragmentation; technologies; nanotechnologies; compositions; cements; wave activation; marble; pigment; coloring; production; dolomitic; titanium; mixes; actuation; treatment

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