Luo, Fa-Long

Signal Processing for 5G: Algorithms and Implementations

Luo, Fa-Long - Signal Processing for 5G: Algorithms and Implementations, ebook


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A comprehensive and invaluable guide to 5G technology, implementation and practice in one single volume. For all things 5G, this book is a must-read.

Signal processing techniques have played the most important role in wireless communications since the second generation of cellular systems. It is anticipated that new techniques employed in 5G wireless networks will not only improve peak service rates significantly, but also enhance capacity, coverage, reliability , low-latency, efficiency, flexibility, compatibility and convergence to meet the increasing demands imposed by applications such as big data, cloud service, machine-to-machine (M2M) and mission-critical communications.

This book is a comprehensive and detailed guide to all signal processing techniques employed in 5G wireless networks. Uniquely organized into four categories, New Modulation and Coding, New Spatial Processing, New Spectrum Opportunities and New System-level Enabling Technologies, it covers everything from network architecture, physical-layer (down-link and up-link), protocols and air interface, to cell acquisition, scheduling and rate adaption, access procedures and relaying to spectrum allocations. All technology aspects and major roadmaps of global 5G standard development and deployments are included in the book.
Key Features:

  • Offers step-by-step guidance on bringing 5G technology into practice, by applying algorithms and design methodology to real-time circuit implementation, taking into account rapidly growing applications that have multi-standards and multi-systems.
  • Addresses spatial signal processing for 5G, in particular massive multiple-input multiple-output (massive-MIMO), FD-MIMO and 3D-MIMO along with orbital angular momentum multiplexing, 3D beamforming and diversity.
  • Provides detailed algorithms and implementations, and compares all multicarrier modulation and multiple access schemes that offer superior data transmission performance includingFBMC, GFDM, F-OFDM, UFMC, SEFDM, FTN, MUSA, SCMA and NOMA.
  • Demonstrates the translation of signal processing theories into practical solutions for new spectrum opportunities in terms of millimeter wave, full-duplex transmission and license assisted access.
  • Presents well-designed implementation examples, from individual function block to system level for effective and accurate learning.
  • Covers signal processing aspects of emerging system and network architectures, including ultra-dense networks (UDN), software-defined networks (SDN), device-to-device (D2D) communications and cloud radio access network (C-RAN).

Keywords: 5G; mmWave; Massive MIMO; Full-Duplex Transmission; FBMC Filter Bank Multi-Carrier; Cloud-RAN Radio Access Network; SDN Software Defined Network; UDN Ultra Dense Network; Non-orthogonal Multiple Access; D2D Device-to-Device Communication, Mobile & Wireless Communications, Mobile & Wireless Communications

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