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Common Rail Fuel Injection Technology in Diesel Engines

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A wide-ranging and practical handbook that offers comprehensive treatment of high-pressure common rail technology for students and professionals

In this volume, Dr. Ouyang and his colleagues answer the need for a comprehensive examination of high-pressure common rail systems for electronic fuel injection technology, a crucial element in the optimization of diesel engine efficiency and emissions. The text begins with an overview of common rail systems today, including a look back at their progress since the 1970s and an examination of recent advances in the field. It then provides a thorough grounding in the design and assembly of common rail systems with an emphasis on key aspects of their design and assembly as well as notable technological innovations. This includes discussion of advancements in dual pressure common rail systems and the increasingly influential role of Electronic Control Unit (ECU) technology in fuel injector systems. The authors conclude with a look towards the development of a new type of common rail system. Throughout the volume, concepts are illustrated using extensive research, experimental studies and simulations. Topics covered include:

  • Comprehensive detailing of common rail system elements, elementary enough for newcomers and thorough enough to act as a useful reference for professionals
  • Basic and simulation models of common rail systems, including extensive instruction on performing simulations and analyzing key performance parameters
  • Examination of the design and testing of next-generation twin common rail systems, including applications for marine diesel engines
  • Discussion of current trends in industry research as well as areas requiring further study

Common Rail Fuel Injection Technology is the ideal handbook for students and professionals working in advanced automotive engineering, particularly researchers and engineers focused on the design of internal combustion engines and advanced fuel injection technology. Wide-ranging research and ample examples of practical applications will make this a valuable resource both in education and private industry.


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