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U Can: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra For Dummies

Zegarelli, Mark - U Can: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra For Dummies, ebook


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The fun and friendly guide to really understanding math

U Can: Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies is the fun, friendly guide to making sense of math. It walks you through the "how" and "why" to help you master the crucial operations that underpin every math class you'll ever take. With no-nonsense lessons, step-by-step instructions, practical examples, and plenty of practice, you'll learn how to manipulate non-whole numbers, tackle pesky fractions, deal with weights and measures, simplify algebraic expressions, and so much more. The "learn it – do it" style helps you move at your own pace, with lesson-sized explanations, examples, and practice. You also get access to 1,001 more practice problems online, where you can create customized quizzes and study the topics where you need the most help.

Math can be hard — and the basics in U Can: Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies lay the foundation for classes down the line. Consider this resource as your guide to math mastery, with step-by-step help for learning to:

  • Put numbers in their place
  • Make sense of fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Get a grasp of basic geometry
  • Simplify basic algebraic equations

Believe it or not, math can be fun! And the better you understand it now, the more likely you are to do well in school, earn a degree, and get a good job. U Can: Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies gives you the skills, understanding, and confidence you need to conquer math once and for all.

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