Hills, Colin D.

Reclamation of Mine-impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery

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Mining activities significantly impact the environment; they generate huge quantities of spoil, promote deforestation and the loss of agricultural production, as well as releasing contaminants that result in the loss of valuable soil resources. These negative impacts are now being recognized and this book shows how corrective action can be taken.

The introduction of sustainable mining requires mitigation strategies that start during the mine planning stage and extend to after mineral extraction has ceased, and post-closure activities are being executed.

Reclamation of Mine-impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery covers: methods of rejuvenation of mine wasteland including different practices of physical, chemical and ecological engineering methods; benefits of rejuvenation: stabilization of land surfaces; pollution control; aesthetic improvement; general amenity; plant productivity; and carbon sequestration as well as restoring biodiversity and ecosystem function; best management practices and feasible solutions to the impacts of mining which will reduce the pollution load by reducing the discharge rate and the pollutant concentration; reduce erosion and sedimentation problems, and result in improved abandoned mine lands; and ecosystem development.

The authors explain how mining impacts on soil properties and how soil carbon reserves/soil fertility can be restored when mining has ceased. Restoration involves a coordinated approach that recognizes the importance of key soil properties to enable re-vegetation to take place rapidly and ecosystems to be established in a low cost and sustainable way.

This book’s unique combination of the methods for reclamation technologies with policies and best practice worldwide will provide the background and the guidance needed by scientists, researchers and engineers engaged in land reclamation, as well as by industry managers.

Keywords: Mining; Opencast; Solid waste; Disturbance; Land degradation; Restoration Ecology; Ecological restoration; Societal Ecology; Laws and Policies; National; International; Environmental Management Plan; Displacement; Mine reclamation; Ecosystem; Disturbance; Development processes; Succession; Mine spoil; Revegetation; Accelerated; Management; Ecosystem; Damaged; Reclamation; Recovery; Soil; Nutrient; Remediation; Carbon sequestration; Benefits; Mine spoil; Impacts; Best; Practices; Soil; Water; Woodland; Enhanced; Carbon; Sequestration; Reclamation; Roots; Selection; Plant; Amendements; Carbon dioxide; Offset; Accretion; Budget, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Science

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