Baban, Tharwat M.

Shallow Foundations: Discussions and Problem Solving

Baban, Tharwat M. - Shallow Foundations: Discussions and Problem Solving, ebook


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Shallow Foundations: Discussions and Problem Solving is written for civil engineers and all civil engineering students taking courses in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. It covers the analysis, design and application of shallow foundations, with a primary focus on the interface between the structural elements and underlying soil. Topics such as site investigation, foundation contact pressure and settlement, vertical stresses in soils due to foundation loads, settlements, and bearing capacity are all fully covered, and a chapter is devoted to the structural design of different types of shallow foundations. It provides essential data for the design of shallow foundations under normal circumstances, considering both the American (ACI) and the European (EN) Standard Building Code Requirements, with each chapter being a concise discussion of critical and practical aspects. Applications are highlighted through solving a relatively large number of realistic problems. A total of 180 problems, all with full solutions, consolidate understanding of the fundamental principles and illustrate the design and application of shallow foundations.

Keywords: Application of shallow foundations; Building code requirements for structural concrete; ACI 318; Eurocode 2; Eurocode 7; Foundation analysis; Foundation bearing capacity; Foundation contact pressure; Foundation design; Foundation load capacity; Foundation loads; Foundation settlement; Foundations; Geotechnical engineering; Geotechnics; Interface between structural elements and soil; Shallow foundations; Shallow foundation bearing capacity; Shallow foundation settlement; Site investigation; Structural design of shallow foundations; Worked problems with full solutions, Structural & Building Engineering, Structural & Building Engineering

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