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Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience

Dixon, Tim - Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience, ebook


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A deep understanding of the implications of green roof retrofit is required amongst students and practitioners to make the decisions and take the actions needed to mitigate climate changes. Green Roof Retrofit: building urban resilience illustrates the processes undertaken to develop this new knowledge and thereby embed a deeper level of understanding in readers.Illustrative case studies and exemplars are drawn from countries outside of the core researched areas to demonstrate the application of the knowledge more broadly. Examples are used from the Americas (North and South and Canada), Oceania, Asia and other European countries.The book describes the multiple criteria which inform decision making and how this provides a way forward for making better decisions about green roof retrofit in different countries and climates.

Keywords: Sustainable adaptation; green infrastructure; extensive green roofs; intensive green roofs; economic benefits; roof structure; green roof retrofit; green roof modular systems; structural capacity; waterproof membranes; drainage; maintenance;urban heat island (UHI); microclimate effects; green roof cooling mechanisms; UHI mitigation; model implementation; thermal performance; insulation; housing temperatures; stormwater run-off; attenuation; pluvial flooding; city scale; building scale; specifications; biodiversity; urban biodiversity; animal habitat; invertebrate species; green corridors; urban conservation; animal biodiversity; eco-system services green roof retrofit; delivery; plant species; building cooling; plant variety; urban biodiversity; particle pollution migration; biodiversity conservation; endangered species; Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub; urban food production; contamination; air quality; mitigating contamination; carbon footprint; carbon food miles; rooftop garden; social sustainability; productivity; environmental sustainability; permaculture; Cool Roof Paint; thermal performance; insulation; white roofs; cooling loads; stormwater attenuation; species conversation; promotion of bio-diversity; urban food production; social engagement; city scale; building scale; stakeholders, Construction Management, Urban Drainage Engineering, Construction Management, Urban Drainage Engineering

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Innovation in the Built Environment
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