Wang, Xiwen

Relative Fidelity Processing of Seismic Data: Methods and Applications

Wang, Xiwen - Relative Fidelity Processing of Seismic Data: Methods and Applications, ebook


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This book presents a comprehensive overview of relative fidelity preservation processing methods and their applications within the oil and gas sector. Four key principles for wide-frequency relative fidelity preservation processing are illustrated throughout the text. Seismic broadband acquisition is the basis for relative fidelity preservation processing and the influence of seismic acquisition on data processing is also analyzed. The methods and principles of Kirchhoff integral migration, one-way wave equation migration and reverse time migration are also introduced and illustrated clearly. Current research of relative amplitude preservation migration algorithms is introduced, and the corresponding numerical results are also shown.

RTM (reverse time migration) imaging methods based on GPU/CPU systems for complicated structures are represented. This includes GPU/CPU high performance calculations and its application to seismic exploration, two-way wave extrapolation operator and boundary conditions, imaging conditions and low frequency noise attenuation, and GPU/CPU system based RTM imaging algorithms. Migration velocity model building methods in depth domain for complicated structures are illustrated in this book. The research status and development of velocity model building are introduced. And the impacting factors are also discussed. Several different velocity model building methods are also represented and analyzed. The book also provides the reader with several case studies of field seismic data imaging in different kinds of basins to show the methods used in practice.

Keywords: Relative Fidelity Processing of Seismic Data: Methods and Applications; relative fidelity preservation processing methods; oil and gas; wide-frequency relative fidelity preservation processing; Seismic broadband acquisition; seismic acquisition; data processing; Kirchhoff integral migration; one-way wave equation migration; reverse time migration; relative amplitude preservation migration algorithms; RTM; reverse time migration; GPU/CPU systems; GPU/CPU high performance calculations; seismic exploration; two-way wave extrapolation operator; two-way wave extrapolation boundary conditions; low frequency noise attenuation; GPU/CPU system based RTM imaging algorithms; Migration velocity model building methods; case studies of field seismic data imaging; Dr. Xiwen Wang; petroleum, Geology & Geophysics, Natural Gas & Petroleum Products, Geology & Geophysics, Natural Gas & Petroleum Products

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