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Microbial Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

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Showcases the recent advances in microbial functional food applications across food science, microbiology, biotechnology, and chemical engineering

Microbial technology plays a key role in the improvement of biotechnology, cosmeceuticals, and biopharmaceutical applications. It has turned into a subject of expanding significance because new microbes and their related biomolecules are distinguished for their biological activity and health benefits. Encompassing both biotechnology and chemical engineering, Microbial Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals brings together microbiology, bacteria, and food processing/mechanization, which have applications for a variety of audiences. Pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical device development all employ microbial food technology.

The book addresses the recent advances in microbial functional foods and associated applications, providing an important reference work for graduates and researchers. It also provides up-to-date information on novel nutraceutical compounds and their mechanisms of action—catering to the needs of researchers and academics in food science and technology, microbiology, chemical engineering, and other disciplines who are dealing with microbial functional foods and related areas.

Microbial Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals is:

  • Ground-breaking: Includes the latest developments and research in the area of microbial functional foods and nutraceuticals
  • Multidisciplinary: Applicable across food science and technology, microbiology, biotechnology, chemical engineering, and other important research fields
  • Practical and academic: An important area of both academic research and new product development in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Microbial Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals is an ideal resource of information for biologists, microbiologists, bioengineers, biochemists, biotechnologists, food technologists, enzymologists, and nutritionists.

Keywords: Food Biotechnology, Nutrition, Food Biotechnology, Nutrition,

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