Akaiwa, Yoshihiko

Introduction to Digital Mobile Communication

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Introduces digital mobile communications with an emphasis on digital transmission methods

This book presents mathematical analyses of signals, mobile radio channels, and digital modulation methods. The new edition covers the evolution of wireless communications technologies and systems. The major new topics are OFDM (orthogonal frequency domain multiplexing), MIMO (multi-input multi-output) systems, frequency-domain equalization, the turbo codes, LDPC (low density parity check code), ACELP (algebraic code excited linear predictive) voice coding, dynamic scheduling for wireless packet data transmission and nonlinearity compensating digital pre-distorter amplifiers. The new systems using the above mentioned technologies include the second generation evolution systems, the third generation systems with their evolution systems, LTE and LTE-advanced systems, and advanced wireless local area network systems.

The second edition of Digital Mobile Communication:

  • Presents basic concepts and applications to a variety of mobile communication systems
  • Discusses current applications of modern digital mobile communication systems
  • Covers the evolution of wireless communications technologies and systems in conjunction with their background

The second edition of Digital Mobile Communication is an important textbook for university students, researchers, and engineers involved in wireless communications.

Keywords: Signal Analysis; The Fourier Analysis; Band-Pass Noise; Linear Time-invariant system; The Sampling Theorem; Discrete-time System; Discrete Fourier Transform; The Fast Fourier Transform; Adaptive Signal Processing; Pulse Shaping; Public Key Cryptosystem; Rayleigh Fading; Digital Modulation; Phase Shift Keying (PSK); Frequency Shift Keying (FSK); Constant Envelope PSK; Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM); Partial-Response Digital FM; Nyquist-Filtered Digital FM; Linear Modulation; The Viterbi Equalizer; Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ); Trellis-Coded Modulation; Pulse Code Modulation (PCM); Code Excited LPC (CELP); MOBITEX; WiMAX, Communication Technology, Communication Technology - Networks, Communication Technology, Communication Technology - Networks

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