Gribkoff, Valentin K.

The Functions, Disease-Related Dysfunctions, and Therapeutic Targeting of Neuronal Mitochondria

Gribkoff, Valentin K. - The Functions, Disease-Related Dysfunctions, and Therapeutic Targeting of Neuronal Mitochondria, ebook


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The powerhouses of cells, mitochondria are responsible for generating energy, regulation of cellular homeostasis and and are involved in cell death-signaling pathways. A wide range of neurological disorders – such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, migraines, and strokes – have all been traced back to the accumulation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) damage or mitochondrial dysfunction.

Focusing on neuronal mitochondria, this book discusses their functions and properties, and the relation of dysfunctional mitochondria to neuronal disease, and to the future development of new therapies. For scientists and researchers in both industry and academia, the expert contributors provide detailed discussions, examples, and approaches to illustrate the potential of mitochondria as therapeutic targets for neuronal diseases – like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, and brain trauma. Together, these chapters offer the tools and perspectives to help decipher challenges and develop strategies for more targeted therapeutic approaches and, potentially, for personalized treatments.

Using recent evidence and examples of drugs, targeted approaches, and an in-depth understanding of cell death; this book:

•          Presents up-to-date information and advances in the field of neuronal mitochondria, including the promise of future therapeutics

•          Helps readers understand the regulation of mitochondrial cellular processes, such as substrate metabolism, energy production, and programmed verses sporadic cell death

•          Includes examples of mitochondrial drugs, development, and mitochondria-targeted approaches for more efficient treatment methods and further developments in the field

•          Covers the development of existing and emerging therapeutic approaches for neuronal disorders that may in the future become critical components of modern therapeutics

Keywords: Neuronal mitochondria, neurodegenerative disorder, neuroscience, neuronal diseases, neuropharmacology, Parkinson&rsquo, s Disease, Alzheimer&rsquo, s Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, bioenergetics, Molecular Pharmacology

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