Yeomans, David

How Structures Work: Design and Behaviour from Bridges to Buildings

Yeomans, David - How Structures Work: Design and Behaviour from Bridges to Buildings, ebook


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Structural engineering is central to the design of a building. How the building behaves when subjected to various forces – the weight of the materials used to build it, the weight of the occupants or the traffic it carries, the force of the wind etc – is fundamental to its stability. The alliance between architecture and structural engineering is therefore critical to the successful design and completion of the buildings and infrastructure that surrounds us. Yet structure is often cloaked in mathematics which many architects and surveyors find difficult to understand.

How Structures Work has been written to explain the behaviour of structures in a clear way without resorting to complex mathematics. This new edition includes a new chapter on construction materials, and significant revisions to, and reordering of the existing chapters. It is aimed at all who require a good qualitative understanding of structures and their behaviour, and as such will be of benefit to students of architecture, architectural history, building surveying and civil engineering. The straightforward, non-mathematical approach ensures it will also be suitable for a wider audience including building administrators, archaeologists and the interested layman.


Arches; Architecture and structural engineering; Beams; Behaviour of structures; Brackets and Bridges; Building an arch; Building design; Cantilevers; Construction materials; Floors; Flying buttresses; Forces in a beam; Forces in a bracket; Forces in an arch; Foundation loads; Frames; Galileo’s cantilever; Girder Bridges; Members in compression; Moments; Qualitative understanding of structures and their behaviour; Roofs; Simple truss; Stability; Stiffening a Beam; Structural behaviour; Structural engineering; Suspension bridge; Suspension Bridges; Tension trusses; The multi-storey frame; Three dimensional structures; Timber framing; Vaults; Walls

, Structures, Structural Theory & Structural Mechanics, Structures, Structural Theory & Structural Mechanics
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